Frequently Asked Questions about Limited Companies

We have put together all of the commonly asked questions from contractors enquiring either other the phone or via email, including some of the words and phrases that you may experience while researching contractor accounting in general.

Q: How much will I save?

Q: Are there lots of forms to fill out when I first sign up to MG Contractor Accountants?

Q: Aside from the registration form what else do you need from me to process my registration?

Q: How long does it take to process a registration?

Q: How do I draw dividends?

Q: How do I know how much to pay for VAT & PAYE?

Q: How are my VAT Returns handled?

Q: What happens when I register for VAT?

Q: What happens after I am registered for VAT?

Q: How do I raise invoices?

Q: How do I get my money?

Q: How are my PAYE Returns handled?

Q: Can I employ someone to work for my limited company?

Q: I already have my own Limited Company; can I move it to MG Contractor Accountants?